Hello, my name is Romain Gœtz. I am a french graphic designer / conceptor and artist. I've graduated with a Master's degree from the Haute École d'art du Rhin and with a Bachelor from the École nationale superieure d'art et de design de Nancy.

I use proteiform mediums to produce naratives and ambivalent works. I'm looking to create tensions and hesitations. Contacts and contrasts between what appears not to being able to blend. I'm interested into dominants, repetitions and borders. Notions of travelling and "around" (l'autour) are anchors which guides and feed my researches.

As a graphic designer, i'm building identities, printed / web / socials communications, fixed, animated and sonorous objects and images. On my route, i evolved inside differents communications structures and workshops on diverse projetcs, and since two years, i am working as an indie conceptor.

As an artist, i'm working on image and narration, because they bring meanings and stories. I'm telling about contemplations, hazards and confluences. I speak about the image and its usage within videos and books, which are anchored into reals, commons and closed spaces, as inside of fictionous interpretations, bringed by theater and live music.

I'm working between Strasbourg and Paris, in France.

You can send me emails at this adress : coucou[at]romaingoetz.fr.

Follow me on instagram .

I'm working with Minuit-Collectif. It's a connexion between graphic & object designers, makers and conceptors founded in 2014. We produce identities for places, gatherings and structures in Strasbourg and in France.

We think that an alternative approach, aside of habits, bring a different tone, a necessary singularity to make projects and concepts alive.

We make visual identities, printed objects, website, photographies, illustrations, interior design and animated objetcs. We act as advisor in communication and take care of social networks.


  • 2017-02-28

    Publication of the spring's menu at Villa Casella, go check them at the restaurant !

  • 2017-02-28

    Design of the march's poster for the Elastic Bar ! You can see the printed poster inside the bar during the whole month.

  • 2017-03-29

    Design of the april's poster for the Elastic Bar ! You can see the printed poster inside the bar during the whole month.

  • 2017-03-30

    Participation on the act "LATITUDES IMAGINAIRES" made by Faustine Riebaud and Arnand Grandjean. You may see it the 29 and 30 of march 2017 at the anatomic institute of the civil hospital in Strasbourg. I'm also directing a short movie about the act. Comming soon.

  • 2017-06-02

    I've worked on the catalogue of the exhibition " Rendre l'oreille " at the Syndicat Potentiel in Strasbourg. Running from the 2 to 17 june 2017.

  • 2017-07-03

    Realisation of the video "Le Seuil, Activation des œuvres — Archives" for the exhibition : "Le Seuil ", at the CEAAC in Strasbourg. It is an archive of the artworks activations that happened during the premiere of the exhibition, as well as direct captation than staging of the performances. The video is projected at the threshold (le seuil) of the exhibition, complementary of its artworks.
    The video is presented from the 30th of june to the 30th of july.

Up comming

  • Marches // Côtes



    Photographic work going on various territories. To the north of Canda to Greece, wenting by the ex-Yougoslavia and West America, it is, in the same time : a care for a landscape emphasis and the looking for a way, a road.

  • Latitudes Imaginaire


    Short movie - Fiction - Theater

    Short movie from the act of Faustine Reibaud and Arnaud Grandjean (played the 29 and 30 march 2017 at the anatomic institute of the civic hospital of Strasbourg). Movie première at the end of the month.


  • July 2017 - Le Seuil // CEAAC :
    Realisation and production of the video : Le Seuil : Activation des œuvres — Archives within the exhibition « le Seuil », from the 31st of june to 30th of july at the CEAAC in Strasbourg.

  • June 2017 - Rendre l'oreille // Syndicat Potentiel :
    Making of a catalog // book presented at the exhibition « Rendre l'Oreille », from the 2 to the 17 june 2017 at the Syndicat Potentiel, Strasbourg.

  • November 2014 : Deux violons dans les tranchées :
    Movie making and projection. -
    Collaborative work, between the Colmar Music Conservatory, Strasbourg Music Conservatory and studients form the HEAR. (With Léna Robin & Iris Winkler, thanks for the help of Camille Aussibal, Mayssa Jaoudat et Laurie Oyarzun) - This project is about mixing live music and video projection for a series of concerts in France and Germany.

  • March / November 2014 - Onze Onze :
    Making of a webdocumentary for the exhibition Onze/Onze at the Chaufferie - HEAR.

  • Mars 2014 - Frac Alsace :
    Graphic identity for the exhibition "Cette soif qui invente les sources", for the seminary «Arts, Sciences et Société, un séminaire de la Haute école des arts du Rhin, groupe No Name» . (With Léna Robin, Zoé Quentel and Estelle Bizet)

  • November 2014 – Photographic residency at Méricourt and Gentioux :
    Within the reserch workshop Ligne de Front, related to the workshop Communication Graphique at the HEAR – Residency ended by an exhibition at Méricourt.

  • April / May 2013 - Gallerie My Monkey :
    Participation for the exhibition « Légende »

  • November 2012 - Festival Chaud les Marrons :
    Participation for the exhibition « Des Photographies au Révélateur »

  • October 2012 - Musée des Beaux Art de Nancy :
    Participation for the exhibition « Jean Prouvé »


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