Emporio Casella

Identity - DELI


Pictog­raphy & Ani­mations // Minuit-Collectif

Emporio Casella is an italian takeaway, a fine epicerie and a place of delicatessen and little restauration. After a re-opening in 2015, the place rejuvenate et add news actitivies to the old ones : a caterer services for huge or small occasions, a chosen products epicerie — comming directly from Italy — and a restaurant for midday. It is also making a duo with the Villa Casella, a restaurant hold by the same owners.

Emporio, taking Italy, offer an everyday cuisine, far away for clichés and italianisms, it is telling about savours and wishes still transalpine, working the taste of the good and natural.

Our work was to identify the shop, as much as telling about this particular Italy it is propaging. Continuing our work on the "handmade", the gestuality, the odors, the foods… we drawn, we pictographied all this elements to identify Emporio. In the same time as we were applauding recurently, showing the hand as an embleme and celebrating the cuisine, the nomadic way to eat, as a mini surprise party.

Project made with Allison Adams and Minuit Collectif.

You can visit the website we made for Emporio Casella at this adress.

Follow also Emporio on .

The work on Emporio Casella has some specifics constraints. As exemple, we are working with the restaurant Villa Casella and Empoiro is a continuity of it, (same love for the italian cuisine, same considerations and pledge about the products and the cooking, same love of the handcrafted), but is also deeply different.

Mostly, because it dosen't offer the same services : it's a take away and not a restaurant. Moreover, because it is supporting a particular accessibility, an easyness into the meal, an eating on the go and not seated at a table.

Identity : We have centered the identity on pictograms, which are telling about the unseen part of the kitchen. Everything that happend before the meal is presented. Some are very simple, showing an aliment or a tool, others are little acts, worring about odors, food misadventures, etc. As the fish harased by juicedfulled citrus, ham devoured by small forks hits, or the running away of a chicken, the cutellry fights, the smells of cheeses, and so on. One of the pictogram — the applauding — is also used as a secondary logotype. They are all deployed on every communication elements : bags, stickers, plates, menus… and on the website as on social medias.

By this way, we countinue an illustration work to speak about restauration. Illustration is also making a direct link between the Villa Casella and Emporio, which is placed at the center of their communication. Emporio, however, play more on the multiplication and the declination of it.

Website : Emporio use a showcase website, presenting on one page it identity and the services offers. The website was the occasion to bring the pictograms to life, by animating them with gifs. We also highlighted the social medias and mailling communication. By giving the weekly menus by a newsletter, the informations and events via Facebook, by relaying, by sharing, etc.

Packaging : The Emporio shop use a lot of packaging and objects to make it produces. Bags, plates, weekly menus, etc. The identity was naturally declined on all theses elements, using the pictograms to illustrated them.