This video is builded around the exhibition Le Seuil at the CEAAC in Strasbourg. It is an archive of the artworks activations that happened during the premiere of the exhibition, as well as direct captation than staging of the performances. The video is projected at the threshold (le seuil) of the exhibition, complementary of its artworks.

The video exist for the viewer to have acces to some parts of the artworks, became invisible after the premiere. Because they where stopped, covered, hidden, at rest. It keep a trace of their multiple movements, which it reproduce, offering them a new space of propagation and meanning making.

Realisation : Romain Goetz — Curation : Simon Marini

With the artworks — by apparition order : Charlotte Achkar - Résistance, Franck Poirson - Concert, Elise Grenois - Extrait de : Espace intermédiare n°2, Heloïse Colrat - Songes, Iwan Warnet - Eux, lisant et en paroles, Maëva Rouquette - Bleu de prusse, Etienne Hubert - sans titre, année 1880 - 2017, Mayssa Jaoudat - J'avoue, je me demande si ce que j'écris sera anonyme, Samuel Jacques - Cordage vert, Emma Kerssenbrock - Optical Wave, Caroline Amadei - Peria et poros, Alice Ménard & Mathias Martinez - Entre n(o)us, Cléo Garcia - Par mes pores de mirages / La veille dorée des voisins

Collective Exhibition - Extention of the DNSEP of the Haute École des Arts du Rhin.
Exhibition presented from 30.6.2017 to 30.7.2017.
Premiere - Thursday 29.6.17 > 18h30

Flyer of the exhibition : **Le Seuil**.

Flyer of the exhibition : Le Seuil.

**Picture of the video** : Alice Ménard & Mathias Martinez - *Entre n(o)us*.

Picture of the video : Alice Ménard & Mathias Martinez - Entre n(o)us.

**Picture of the video** : Mayssa Jaoudat - *J'avoue, je me demande si ce que j'écris sera anonyme*.

Picture of the video : Mayssa Jaoudat - J'avoue, je me demande si ce que j'écris sera anonyme.

**Picture of the video** : Elise Grenois - *Extrait de : Espace intermédiare n°2*.

Picture of the video : Elise Grenois - Extrait de : Espace intermédiare n°2.

**Picture of the video** : Maëva Rouquette - *Bleu de prusse*.

Picture of the video : Maëva Rouquette - Bleu de prusse.

**Picture of the video** : Heloïse Colrat - *Songes*.

Picture of the video : Heloïse Colrat - Songes.

**Picture of the video** : Franck Poirson - *Concert*.

Picture of the video : Franck Poirson - Concert.

**Picture of the video** : Emma Kerssenbrock - *Optical Wave*.

Picture of the video : Emma Kerssenbrock - Optical Wave.

**Picture of the video** : Samuel Jacques - *Cordage vert*.

Picture of the video : Samuel Jacques - Cordage vert.

**Picture of the video** : Heloïse Colrat - *Songes*.

Picture of the video : Heloïse Colrat - Songes.

Le Seuil was an collaborative exhibition between different students of the Haute École des Arts du Rhin, and was coexisting with the diploma exhibition of the same school.It was a space, for the artists/students, allowing them to expose, to show, to experiment and to let see their productions. The idea wasn't to impose a selection of the "best artworks", but to ask for anyone, last year students or not, to use and to tame this space.

The artworks witness of indivials careers and advances, and are also clues of the school operations, a social life, the cohesion (or not) of a groupment.

Inside the exhibition, the artworks were presented "at rest", grouped, assembled or taking the space, physically, the one of the other. They were exiting their contexts and researches, as a fixation of an ensemble, of a particullar instant. The bias of the exhibition was to offer an activation of these artworks during its premiere. To give them back movements and social existances, by the speach, the performance and the acting, willing to enhance their complementarity, to give them a better space to exist.

Thus, I was called to capture these activations, to keep a trace of them, a video archive. This was as much as a captation than a preparation/ an upstream exchange with the artists. To find ways to keep their artworks meaningfull inside a video media, and this with video shooting : direct or not, documentary or not, staging or not, premeditated or not. This set is producing a 50 minutes movie.

The differents artworks activated take a space inside the video, cut by black, with a particullar levelling of understanding and apprehension. These are peripherical moments, non linear and non chronological.

«  This exhibition was produce with 3000 euros. We had three weeks to conceve, imagine and welcome it. Make it visible. The activities schedules were able to go from 6h00 to 00h00, sometimes more. The students-artists weren't paid. The curator is — between 800 and 1000 euros.

The initial purposal was presented as a selection of the graduated student's artworks of the Haute École des Arts du Rhin. When the CEAAC's direction asked me to operate on the agencement of this exhibition, i chose the bias to expose with who want to, all sections and years mingled, graduated or not. To not choose what will be a « good » artwork but to be attentive, to take care, one on the other, on what we hold for. Than we were bringed in a oncourse act where each witnesses count — artworks, artists and others agents.

This is also what engage this exhibition for, a testimony of a working ecology at the exit of an art school, of a production in urgency, of particullar works and of a plurality of ways to approach the artistic question in this environnement.

If, right now, the conditions of emeregence of this initiative appears to slowly wiping out and the artworks to be presenting themself as at rest, let's remember that the evening of the exhibition premiere will be the moment to multiply and/or to intesify these stories, this social life hidden in the shadows. That night, the artworks will activate us in the same time as we will activate them. Archives will be in the dark room, the threshold of the exhibition.

We start of the principle that we doesn't exist by ourself ; que we really only exist by make existing something else. »
Simon Marini, curator.

« Everything you touch, You change, Everything you change, Change you also. » — Octavia E. Butler

« Affirming its support to the contemporary creation and to his experimental caracter, the CEAAC place himself as a partner of the artistic eductation. Sharing a geographic territory and commons interests, the Haute École des Arts du Rhin and the CEAAC develop thus an partnership since multiple years.

If the Art Center often welcome students for exhibition projects during their school curriculum, it associate for the very firts time to the diploma event. This strong time is the occation for the public to discover all a new generation of young artists, but it is maybe also the right moment to testify and to ask about the specific productions conditions, the economic, human, pragmatic and sensible offscreens of theses students, inside and about to exit an art school. »